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"Finally, I can find something to eat!"

"Finally, I can find something to eat!"

"Finally, I can find something to eat!"

We welcome your feedback! Please share your thoughts about the MyMenu platform. What do you especially like about it? Is there any additional functionality you'd like to have included? Was anything unclear or problematic for you? Thank you!

"MyMenu makes my search for vegetarian food so easy! It's helped me find a wide variety of choices I can have at Rubios that I didn't know about before." - Jade Dadiz San Diego, CA

"Thank you Rubios! I love MyMenu!! As a dietitian, my clients face challenges finding tasty and healthy food to meet their health goals. MyMenu is like having me (their dietitian) right there with them each time they dine out. I personally love it too, having food allergies and nutrition concerns in my family. No more guess-work makes eating out an easy option on busy days." - Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD, SuperKids Nutrition

"Huge accolades to Rubio's Coastal Grill for being one of the first restaurants in the nation to offer their guests the MyMenu personalized platform! Rubio's has such a great selection of delicious, healthy and environmentally-conscious menu items to showcase on MyMenu!" - Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH, President, Healthy Dining


What is MyMenu?
MyMenu is an easy-to-use tool that matches your health/lifestyle goals, needs, and preferences to specific menu items. Want menu items that are lower calorie items? Higher in protein? Gluten-free or peanut-free? Vegetarian? What if you have several of these needs? MyMenu allows you to indicate ALL of your needs/preferences and view a menu from a participating restaurant that identifies ONLY the menu items that take ALL your needs into account!

What are Personalized Wellness Choices?
Personalized Wellness Choices are menu items that have been hand-picked by the team of registered dietitians at Healthy Dining. These menu choices contain high-nutrient ingredients, like lean protein, vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, and unsaturated fats. They also have limits on calories, saturated fat and sodium. Personalized Wellness Choices are sub-divided into four categories: Diners watching their weight will appreciate the Optimize menu items, which contain up to about 600 calories. Energize menu items contain up to about 750 calories and are recommended for overall healthy lifestyles. Those with active lifestyles may be interested in the Fuel Up menu items, which contain up to 1200 calories. Diners looking to minimize their sodium intake will want to access the Sodium Savvy menu items – which can also be done in connection with one of the other Personalized Wellness Choices categories.

What is MyMeal?
The MyMeal feature lets you add up the nutrition totals for your entire meal. That is, click "Add to MyMeal" for any number of menu items to combine them: for example, tacos + side of beans + drink. At the top right of your screen, you can then view the total nutrition values for your full meal or open MyMeal and view more details about the nutrition and allergens for your meal. To remove one (or more) of your meal components, click on the X, and the values will recalculate.